How does Mirror Vision work? Can I use it on the range if I don't have WiFi?

Mirror Vision creates a video stream connection directly between two devices. There’s no need to be near wifi, and it won’t chew up your data. It uses a combination of Bluetooth and peer to peer WiFi to create a connection. This means you can use it wherever you like!

How do I connect my devices?

This video here will show you everything you need to know 🙂

Is Mirror Vision Available on Android?

At this time, Mirror Vision is only supported on Apple iOS devices.

Will Mirror Vision work on my iPad?

Mirror Vision requires iOS 13.0 or later

Will Mirror Vision work on my iPhone?

Mirror Vision requires iOS 13.0 or later

What is the cost of Mirror Vision?

Mirror Vision is free to try for two weeks. After the two week free trial it will cost $49.99/year. 


My connection isn't working. Help!

If you’re having trouble connecting your devices, please ensure the application “Mirror Vision” is up to date on both devices and that you have the current iOS version on each device. iOS 12 or higher will give you the best results.

Unfortunately, sometimes things can become corrupt along the way. Deleting and reinstalling the app from the AppStore will solve most issues.


Use this trick for a jerky video! (turning WiFi discovery off)

Sometimes nearby WiFi networks can affect the connection and cause interference. Turning off WiFi Discovery will significantly reduce this interference.

Swipe down your Control Center on each device and and touch the WiFi symbol. It should change from blue to white. The end of this video (starting at 0:27) will show you exactly what to do.